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Sawn constructional veneers are much easier to work with and deliver more natural and attractive results than is ever possible with mass produced sliced veneers.  Over 80% of our veneer timber is native wood typically locally sourced in Highland Scotland.

Special Offer 1.5mm Highland oak sawn constructional veneer

£5.81£152 (From sample to packs up to 16 sheets)

Douglas Fir Sawn VeneerSpecial Offer 2.5mm Douglas fir sawn constructional veneer £20/m2

£5.98£119.68  (from sample to packs up to 16 sheets)

Bespoke sawn veneer and thin cut lamella

Various Sawn Veneer woods and thicknessesWe also offer bespoke veneer and thin cut lamella with options on wood, thickness and finish cut to your own dimensions. This helps to optimise the veneer to achieve impressive results speedily.

Also by avoiding waste you can actually save money compared to the standard packs from the shop.

Before sending us your bespoke specification in detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss the general requirements for your project so you can benefit from our input at an early stage.

Veneer that saves you time

Standard brushed finish (Highland Oak)

The sawing technology we use in our veneer manufacture doesn’t rupture the fibre structure so tearing and cracking won’t occur, making handling and processing a joyful experience!

Our standard veneer doesn’t require calibrating or sanding which saves a lot of time when working with it.

As the manufacturer we provide solid timber sawn veneers cut in-house from oak, elm, ash, beech, cherry, walnut, maple, douglas fir and mahogany. In addition to standard packs Sawn Constructional Veneers also offers a cut to order service and can supply other non standard wood.


Sawn textured finish
Rustic grain pattern



Our Sawn Veneer – The Benefits

Sliced Veneer – The Limitations

  • Strong, flexible, easy to machine and work with.

  • Even better finishing qualities than solid timber.

  • Superb highly figured cuts from native timber.

  • Grain texturing available to add an extra dimension.

  • Made by cabinet makers for cabinet makers.

  • Natural random batching from same log available.

  • Difficult to work with, prone to tearing and cracking.

  • Difficult to finish because of loose & ruptured fibres.

  • No highly figured cuts available.

  • No availability of grain textured finish.

  • Mass produced with too much symmetry – unnatural

So why select our veneers?

They are easy to work with and give you complete control over timber matching and selection.  Grain texturing and selected figured cuts give your resulting work a look and feel beyond the highest quality solid timber pieces.

Make more desirable products taking less time to manufacture releasing more profit.

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